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Sikhism/Glasgow Gurdwara

Booking Necessary: Yes

We would like present a short video on Sikhism.
This will demonstrate the core beliefs and values of our faith.

Recite God’s name.
Earn an honest living.
Share with the needy.
We believe in one God whom we call Waheguru which means ,wonderful Lord.
We believe in gender equality.
Guru Nanak Dev Ji was centuries ahead in his way of thinking.
The langar where everyone sits and eats together-we are all equal.
Any person can visit the Gurudwara-cast ,colour,creed and their faith does not come into the equation.
We believe in the wellbeing of all(Sarbat da bhalla).
Recognise the human race as one.

Organisation Information:

Gurdwara Guru Granth Sahib Sikh Sabha, or locally known as Glasgow Gurdwara, marks progress for Sikhs in Scotland by proudly serving the community as the first purpose built Gurdwara in Scotland. Situated in multicultural Pollokshields, the Gurdwara acts as a cultural, educational and religious hub for Sikhs and the wider community.

The Gurdwara serves the whole community by promoting free education services, a free kitchen, faith and cultural services and a range of advice & support services.

Other Information


Parking: Yes


Physical Access to Building: Fully Accessible (access to all areas without trouble, including for someone using a wheelchair or mobility scooter)

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